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Thank you so much for submitting your work for consideration. We truly appreciate it and look forward to learning all about you and your business!

Please complete the form and make sure you read all of the notes immediately beneath the form, as they describe how we work, and how we will use your submission!

About Your Feature:

Here at Sparkfold, we are committed to promoting you and your business in any way we can and we believe it’s mutually beneficial to spread the word, showcase wonderful businesses and generally promote the industry. If we feature your work, you can expect as a minimum will provide a link to your website / online shop and where appropriate, specific products. If you have a business-led Instagram account, we will dedicate at least one of our Insta posts to giving you some love. We’re also very big on Pinterest and have a large following (over 275k) on this platform. Posts on Pinterest will usually link back to our blog post and we’ll also pin to our account from your own website too, provided it fits with the themes & aesthetic of the account.

The Important Notes Section:

Please read and make sure you are comfortable with the notes below before you make your submission. Please feel free to email us with any questions. If the form fields above, you are asked to give your consent as per the following notes –

About Your Submission:

We are truly grateful you taking the time to submit your work. If you feel your business & style would be a good fit for content on this site, businesses large and small, please do apply!

About the Words You Submit:

To The Sparkfold’s content fresh & fun, we like to present our articles in a variety of ways. These include Q & A format, free flow editorial, lists, tutorial etc. Depending on the angle & nature of the feature we wish to write, we reserve the right where to edit, omit and modify the text you’ve submitted. Any changes will not be sent back to you for your approval, the editor’s (Claire Brennan) decision is final.

How We Use Your Photography:

The world of stationery, greetings & gifts is of course driven by beautiful imagery. Therefore we require great quality photography that will appeal to our readers and we ask that you submit at least 5-10 images for use in a blog post. We love beautiful & elegant styling, or a clean white background.

By making a submission, you are giving us permission to use your photographs on our website. You also agree that you are the owner or the images or that you have permission from the copyright holder. Photos will be used on the blog, and on social media and Pinterest. We reserve the right to crop, resize or digitally edit images. We may also use the image as part of a round-up, where your product photo would be incorporated into a larger collage-style image with other products. If you do not wish for your images to be used in such ways, or you do not have permission to distribute images to us for such use, please don’t submit them!

If you don’t agree with any of the above, respectfully, please don’t submit your work, as this is our standard procedure and I’m sure you appreciate we can’t make individual concessions here.

How we review your submission

We consider many things, including how the item fits in with the editorial theme for round-up posts, and similarities to other features. Photographs are key, bright, high quality images of a great product or project will get you a long way!

Incomplete submissions, or those greatly lacking in detail will automatically be declined. Due to volume of work involved in putting together this blog, we must have all the detail in the initial email wherever possible.

We will contact you only if we have accepted your submission and this will be within 10 business days. We regret that due to volume of communications, we will not contact you if you have not been successful.

Cut off dates for submissions

We love to plan, and not just our editorial calendar – our social media and Pinterest activity are also meticulously planned in advance. With this in mind, we would like to see your submissions at least 6 weeks in advance of the event or occasion they’re for. The earlier the better. Ditto for product or range launches, we’d love to have your submission at least 6 weeks before the launch date.

Exclusivity & Permissions:

We respectfully ask that with each submission, that you confirm that all parties involved with the work submitted are aware and have agreed to the submission. This would include the photographer, business owner, photo stylist, designer etc. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have permission to submit words and photographs to us and we (Claire Brennan, Sparkfold) accept no legal responsibility whatsoever

We love exclusives and will give priority to strong work that is exclusive send to us. Please do not submit work you have also submitted to another website and where you’re awaiting a response from the other site.


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