Printable DIY Wedding Invitations from Print & Poste

I spotted these lovely DIY wedding invitations in the Print & Poste Etsy shop, which I think are just lovely. You can purchase an editable wedding invitation template and pair it with their amazing die cut printable Everly card stock meaning you can create beautiful printable die cut wedding stationery right in your home (US only for the actual card at the mo’, but the templates can be bought anywhere in the world 🙂

Print and Poste DIY Wedding Die Cut Card Stock


Printable Wedding Invitations by Print and Poste

There are several printable die cut invitation shapes and also these lovely tags for wedding favours or gifting, or whatever you feel. I think this paper would make for fabulous special birthday party invitations too, what do you think?

Print and Poste DIY Wedding Tags


Print and Poste Printable DIY Wedding Tags


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