Lovely Inspirational Graphic Wall Art Prints by The Postman’s Press

As a huge fan of surface pattern design, I discovered the work of the Postman’s Press a couple of months ago and was bowled over by these lovely wall art quote prints from the Postman’s Press. Owned by UK-based Aussie Josh Varley, I got to find out the inside track on this recently launched venture.

The Postman’s Press art prints are available in limited runs on Etsy, and an online shop in the works. Each print comes with it’s own lovely mount to be hung straight onto your wall. I caught up with Josh to find out more about the Postman’s Press. Over to you, Josh…

wall art hanging print by the Postman's Press on Etsy

Josh – I am displaced Australian living in Heathfield, East Sussex with my beautiful wife, our 18-month-old son and soon-to-be baby daughter. We have recently relocated from London, longing for a quiet life in the country. I am primary school teacher by day, and channel my creative energy into ‘The Postman’s Press’ by night.

wall art DIY ideas by the Postman's Press on Etsy

The Postman’s Press was established in early this year after years of flickering away as slow-burning flame at the back of my mind. Still finding it’s feet, The Postman’s Press is my creative outlet/micro-business which I use primarily to create rich, colourful surface patterns for use in various lifestyle products.

I am so inspired by simplicity and restriction. Taking inspiration from art mediums that are inherently restricted in their use of material and palette (lino-printing, screen-printing, collage, calligraphy etc.) I love to create surface patterns by manipulating simple shapes and arrangements.

wall art prints by the Postman's Press on Etsy

I never start out with a plan, but rather may take a simple shape and create through play and experimentation. Working with children all day, I am so inspired by their ability to create with very little. Children are so unaffected by their inner-critic and are able to create so freely and openly. I try to replicate this openness and sense of play in my own design practice.

Visually, my work tends to take inspiration from many different sources. I am inspired by simple line art, bold typography, modern/brutalist architecture, geometry, maps and technical drawings amongst many other things.

wall art quotes by the Postman's Press on Etsy

I did a fashion design degree at university, but I fell out of love with making clothing soon after. Whilst I always enjoyed working with my hands and exploring the design process, it never really seemed like a perfectly natural fit for me. The creative compulsion has never left me though and over the last five or six years I have slowly taught myself how to use different software to create imagery that I love.

The Postman’s Press is a culmination of my attempts to kick start my creative practice by focusing my efforts on one particular pursuit. Creating surface patterns keeps my imagination buzzing and provides endless motivation. I consider The Postman’s Press to be a kind of  physical record of this journey.

wall art DIY ideas by by the Postman's Press on Etsy

My wall art prints are bold, colourful and playful and they are designed to be small, inexpensive additions to a wall/work space.

Each print is A5, printed on lovely ‘G Mund Tactile Blanc’ paper. The finished print is mounted on a piece of Baltic Birch plywood, which is held in place by a chrome clip. The prints can be hung using the chrome clip and a small nail, or leant against the wall on a table/desk.

As of right now I am focusing on creating affordable, motivational prints to adorn the walls and work spaces of dreamers and doers alike, I have a whole array of lifestyle products in mind for the future. I am a bit of closet stationary tragic and as the business and my following grows, I plan to produce a number of products in line with this. (Think notebooks, writing sets, gift wrap, greeting cards etc etc)

clipboard wall art by wall art print by the Postman's Press on Etsy

I am determined to let this little business grow in a way that is completely natural and perfectly paced; so with that in mind, these products will appear as they are imagined.

Josh, thank you so much for sharing a little about you and your business. I love what you have to say about working within design constraints and it’s certainly paying off with such wonderful pattern design. I can’t wait to see what’s next for you!

Ps. Follow Josh on Insta, his account is great!


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