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The Sparkfold Instagram Top 9 Images for the Year

First of all – Happy New Year and a massive thank you to everyone who has supported Sparkfold during 2017, which was the fledgling year for the blog. I’m overwhelmed with the grace, kindness and enthusiasm from the wonderful designers, makers and business owners that have been featured so far – thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I really can’t wait to show you the content for 2018 – some fabulous designer interviews to bring you, as well as loads of other features on all things paper, stationery and gift inspo. We’re also launching a printables library in the first quarter of the year, and a couple of other little surprises too! Aaaanyway, I digress…..

It’s no secret that I LOVE Instagram – I have 4 different accounts! But the Sparkfold Instagram is the focus of this post…. (psst – follow us!) – I use it to help to build the profiles of those who are featured on the blog, and a few other designers whose work I love. So at the end of this, my first year in blogging, I thought it would be fun to discover what the most popular Instagram posts of the year were (I used this site to do mine) and I thought I’d publish the grid here too, because there are some wonderful pics from brilliant designers (and a couple of my own made the cut too!).

Sparkfold Instagram 2017 Best Nine GridL-R from the top

  1.  Josh from The Postman’s Press makes brilliantly bond patterns and quote wall art (read more about The Postman’s Press here)  |  Shop  |  Instagram  |
  2.  Our Heiday, run by sisters Patricia and Donna have a trove of floral and painterly gifts & stationery goodies. This pic is gift wrap of theirs.  |  Shop  |  Instagram  |
  3. Tamar Dovrat creates magical works of art in gouache. Florals and much more (read more about Tamar here)  |  Shop  |  Instagram  |
  4. That’s me 🙂 I love creating pretty images with paper!  |  Website  |  Instagram  |
  5. This is a snap I took of a wonderful Japanese stationery subscription box I’ve purchased a couple of times. It’s from The Stationery Selection. Boxes are limited and sell out fast!  |  Shop  |  Instagram  |
  6. Tamar Dovrat gets another score in the best nine of the year! This is one of a set of gorgeously sweet paper toys that she recently created.
  7. This playful pennant banner is by Gabrielle of House of Hooray – if you’re after nursery and sweet kids’ decor, go see what she’s got for you!  |  Shop  |  Instagram  |
  8. Another snap of mine. I like pink watercolour apparently!
  9. This gorgeous handmade paper is the creation of Zoë Durber. Zoë offers her paper for sale in small batches, so keep an eye on her Insta for that, and she’s also graphic designer and illustrator.  |  Website  |  Instagram |

Go and check out these guys – they all happen to also have brilliant Instagram accounts if you’re on the hunt for some new peeps to follow.

Here’s to a brilliant 2018!

Claire xo


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